Are you looking for inspiration, or levity, or even a new perspective on life? Radio Headspace can help you find a little SPACE in your day, Monday through Friday, anyway. 

Here is a link to one of my favorite episodes, entitled "What do you appreciate most?

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Tuesday, July 7, 2020​​

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Looking for inspiration this week has put me behind in my school work. Or perhaps evading school work was my inspiration. It is challenging to maintain a constant state of pressure, focusing on one goal, no matter how significant.
Taking time to connect with the world around us, no matter how unsettling (or COVID crazy), is vital for maintaining both inspiration and focus (or pressure). I hope you can take some time and connect with who, what, or where charges your internal battery.
Peace ~ Tina

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  I hope you can find something inspiring in our current menu!
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Lastly, your generosity in donating money to Food for Thought continues to inspire me, thank you. 

For the month of June,

our customers directly donated a total of $725 - thank you! 

Z Bistro donated an additional $102 based on menu choices with the (fft) indication, for a grand total of $ 827.00 !!!

Peace to you all ~ Tina​

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