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Z Bistro

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021​​​

This week our entree selection pulls flavors and ingredients together from around the world. We look forward to seeing you and letting your taste buds travel... ;-0)

 Join us in support of  Flavors of India by ordering food to pick up on Sunday and Monday; the menu is on their FaceBook page along with instructions for ordering.

Please be mindful and aware of the rise in COVID cases. Gilles and I are staying vigilant and will shift gears for in-house dining if the need arises. Until then, please wear your masks coming into and out of the restaurant and when you leave your table.

~ Tina

What’s new:
by reservation only
*Serving lunch through dinner
*Fewer tables, more elbow room per table
*Community “picnic” table inside (
this is one LONG table that seats 6)
*Individual “picnic” tables outside (
each table seats 2)
*Grab-N-Go offerings from our reach-in-refrigerator (
this is evolving

What’s the same:
*Service is Friday and Saturday
*Hours are 12:00 (
our first reservation) to 6 pm (our last reservation)
*To-Go orders are still “a thing”
*Gilles is in the kitchen
*Tina is in the front of the house