If you need a reason to wear a mask and continue to be cautious (aka Physical Distancing) then listen to Jack's story and read the background article from the NY Times. We need to give the scientific community time to work out all the variations that accompany the Corona Virus. Just listen and form your own opinion.  Peace ~ Tina 

PS even though the material being discussed is serious, it is so damn funny to listen to Jack and his parents - what a great dynamic!

 Z Bistro

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Thursday, May 21, 2020​​

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Gilles, and I have brought half of our employees back as we continue in the holding pattern we lovingly call 
"Curbside To-Go." We are grateful for their youth and muscle, which allows us to "quit" between 7-7:30 on Friday and Saturday nights and let them clean up! Re-engaging our employees is only possible because of your patronage. Thank you for your support, we appreciate it, and our employees are grateful for the work!

 Z Bistro will continue to operate under the guidelines and considerations for physical distancing. Gilles and I will continue to wear facemasks and gloves while preparing, packaging, and delivering your food for pick-up. In short, and to be blunt, we will not be opening our dining room anytime soon.

 All that said, we welcome your thoughts about this process, and about the food we are offering. Please tell us what is working and what is not working. Remember, we are in this together; we need and value your input.

 I hope you can find something inspiring in our current menu!

 I would suggest calling in your order early in the week to ensure you get a "pickup time slot."

Lastly, your generosity in donating money to help feed Carson City has literally brought me to tears. For complete transparency, I will be posting the total amount of donations we collect.

For the month of April,

our customers donated a total of $745 - thank you!!!

Peace to you all on this beautiful day! 
~ Tina​

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