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Tuesday, May 172022​​​


This week we are serving some old favorites while introducing you to some new creations that have been rattling around the pages of Gilles' notebook for a while now. We look forward to seeing you for lunch and dinner.

Gilles and I will be taking next week off  [May 27-28] we hope you enjoy the Memorial Day weekend.

[In a world where you can be anything, choose to be kind.]

We are introducing gluten-free, organic peanut butter cookies created by Chef Michelle Palmer. We will have a jar of them on the counter for sale each weekend - personally, I keep mine FROZEN and take them with me when I fly to Vegas to visit Logan, or when I know I will be hard-pressed to find a healthy GF snack! 



Please remember:

...to make reservations for in-house dining and to-go orders. This allows us to manage our food-buying and keeps our prices as reasonable as possible by not creating unnecessary purchases which can lead to food waste. Work with us people! 

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What’s new:
by reservation only
*Serving lunch through dinner

(Note: We close the kitchen for about an hour between lunch and dinner)
*Fewer tables, more elbow room per table

What’s the same:
*Service is Friday and Saturday
*Hours are 12:00 (
our first in-house reservation) to 6 pm (our last in-house reservation)
*To-Go orders are still “a thing” (
our last to-go time slot is 6:30 pm)
*Gilles is in the kitchen
*Tina is in the front of the house