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Tuesday, September 27, 2022​​​

Happy Tuesday!

This week we are anticipating a cooler weekend and have planned our food selections accordingly. Gilles and I look forward to seeing you for LUNCH and/or dinner this week. As we continue our countdown to closing we will do our best to absorb as many reservation requests as possible. Thankfully my parents (Jean and Paul) have been available on Saturday nights to help me out in the dining room. Please continue to be patient with me and welcoming to my parents ~ Tina

PLEASE NOTE: The only way to get reservations at Z Bistro is to contact us directly. We do not endorse third-party vendors or google's [reserve a table] telephone links. Thank you. 

Send Tina a reservation request text at 775.885.2828 (or you can call the same number).


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TIME [posted 09.20.2022]:

The time has come to retire Z Bistro and allow Gilles the opportunity to apply his creative energy to another part of life. This decision is not one that was made lightly. Gilles, Logan, and Tina have poured 15 years of love, frustration, and energy into creating and maintaining Z Bistro. We do not know what the future holds, but we can look back with gratitude and pride for the community we have created.

We want to thank our customers, friends, and family for supporting all things Z Bistro these past 15 years. We watched each other’s children become adults with their own children; we witnessed the passing of partners, parents, and siblings. Together we endured a financial crisis (or two), a pandemic, and a shifting political landscape. Through it all, we shared wonderful meals full of chat lubricated with interesting wines and beers from around the world. The walls of Z Bistro have absorbed a decade and a half of laughter and the grout holding our floor tiles in place has been blessed by many a glass of spilled wine!

Our last day of service is a moving target, however, our lease ends on December 31, 2022. We have accepted a number of private party dates for lunch and dinner between now and the end of the year so our open dates and times will be a bit eclectic.
 We trust you will have the opportunity to dine with us before we close our doors.

Thank you for sharing your love of food and community with us!

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Wait, what? Why!?:
by reservation only
*Serving lunch through dinner each Friday and Saturday

(Note: We close the kitchen for about an hour between lunch and dinner)

*Our hours are:

12:00 (our first in-house reservation) to 6 pm (our last in-house reservation)
*Fewer tables, more elbow room per table

Why only 2-days a weekOne good thing that came out of the glitch years known as COVID is that Gilles and I realized we could take time for ourselves. For the first time in 15 years, Gilles has one full day off a week - which he spreads out between Sunday and Monday. This allows him time to cultivate a vegetable garden, take hikes with our dog Dutch (thank you Logan for leaving him at home when you moved out) and even tackle the to-do list we call our home (hehe!). Life is precious, and we have decided to live it more intentionally. So, thank you for supporting our lunch and dinner days!

~ ​Gilles and Tina​​