​​​​​​Z Bistro

Dinner SUMMARY for (full menu listed on our dinner page here)

Wednesday 01/18 through Saturday 01/21/17



House pâteè (gf*)

Haricôts verts (gf)

Grilled broccolini (gf)

Butter lettuce salad (gf) (fft selection)

Mixed baby lettuce salad (gf)

Mussels either way: (gf)

Mariniere or Campagne

Frites (gf)

Ultimate frites (gf)


Small entree of Duck raviolis

Vegan entree of paëlla (gf)

Crispy pork belly (gf)

Japanese fried chicken (gf)

Portuguese fisherman's stew (gf*)

Boeuf bourguignon

Specials available nightly, call for details (775)885.2828


(gf) indicates an item is gluten free

(gf*) indicates an intem can be gluten free with substitutions

​(fft selection) Z Bistro will donate .50 cents per appetizer and $1 per entree to Food for Thought


Travel to France with Z Bistro in June 2017.  Details are on our FRANCE June 2017 Page.