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Tuesday, January 19, 2021​​​

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Some weeks, I look for words of inspiration or direction, something worthy of Gilles' menu and the creativity he puts into each dish. And then there are weeks when ideas arrive, holus-bolus and I can barely manage to choose just one or two! Just as Gilles gets inspiration from your maecenatism, I gather mine from the plethora of words floating around the ethers.

​If you have an extra hour and forty minutes this week, do yourself and your family a favor and queue up the movie 
SOUL. This animated movie is rated PG and delivers a message of individuality laced with courage and love - and it is a star-studded journey for your ears trying to match voices to real-life faces.

​One more item of business. Z Bistro will be closed on Friday the 29th and Saturday the 30th. We will let you know why when we return on Friday, February 5th, and Saturday the 6th. Wicked of me, I know! Lastly, thank you for supporting your local 
boîte, Gilles, and I appreciate you!

Until the restrictions for in-door dining have been removed, our dining room will remain closed. ​​ However, we will continue to offer food To-Go each Friday and Saturday from Noon until 6:30-ish. Our menu will change weekly, and I will update our website each Tuesday (usually!)

Peace, Tina.

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Please remember to tell me your food allergies and aversions when you place your order - since we make MOST menu items on order we can leave certain items out of the dish to accommodate your needs, USUALLY. :-0)

 Enjoy your week my friends!

Peace - Tina

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