Z Bistro is currently closed for Summer break as we travel to France with some of our customers.  I encourage you to follow our progress on face book as I post our daily comings and goings once we arrive in France. ~ Tina

Travel to France with Chef Gilles and visit his "home town"  in the Lot District of Southern France.  Experience the original farm-to-table movement visiting local farmers markets and neighborhood farms for our daily food supplies.  

Step back in history as we take over a fully renovated 1700's era barn with three floors, two kitchens, five bedrooms (plus loft rooms) and four bathrooms. Relax in the heated pool, play foosball, ping-pong, or boules.  The property has it all!

Take a walk into town as we forage our way from the Barn to a two hour lunch at La Forge and then back again, this is lunch the French way!

Joining Gilles in the kitchen is Chef Michelle former Chef to the Nevada Governors Mansion, and an American Culinary Federation High Sierra Chefs Association Chef of the Year (2000)!  Both Gilles and Michelle have the same strong belief in fresh, seasonal foods. Join them as they share their insight, food history and humor, teaching you how to cook locally, seasonally and with love!

Gilles is uniquely qualified to teach you the history of this beautiful area having grown up in Figeac and never truly leaving his love of this land and its history!  Gilles is the Chef/Owner of Z Bistro which opened in November of 2006.  He and his wife, Tina along with their son Logan have been happy to grow with the people of Carson City, Nevada encountering some amazing people through their mutual love of food and wine at Z Bistro.

Join Gilles, Michelle, Tina and Logan as we travel to France in June 2017!

Please direct all questions to Tina by email (atzbistro@gmail.com) or by text to ((775)450.3716).  

I will post more travel tips, information and links as the year progresses and the questions arise.  

The travel weeks are:

Week 1: June 10th to 17th, 2017 "Cooking Week"

$2,600 per person based on double occupancy

Join us as we visit farmers markets in nearby towns, building our daily menu based on what is freshest and most tempting. We will spend more time at the barn this week enjoying long walks in nature and visits to Terrou and (some lunches at) La Forge.

Week 2: June 17th to 24th, 2017 "Sightseeing Week" 

$2,600  per person based on double occupancy

This week will be “on the road” visiting an artisan town called Conque, a Roman well in Capdenac-le-Haut, see the historical town of Figeac, visit the caves of Pech Merle and many other adventures. Of course we will visit farmers markets too - we have to have market fresh goodies for dinner! There will be lots of walking! 

Week 3: June 24th-July 1st, 2017 Combined Cooking & Sightseeing Week 

$2,700 per person based on double occupancy

This week we will do some sightseeing and some cooking, a well balanced week aimed at giving you just enough of each adventure to keep you happy but not foot weary! You’ll see some stunningly beautiful historic towns and help to create amazingly memorable culinary dishes. 

Which room do I want?

2nd Floor rooms (open link for floor plan) -

this is the floor where our breakfast kitchen and meeting area is.  

PC-DB = "Petite Chambre" a double bed

LDB-2SB = "La Dame Blanche" two single beds

The above 2 bed rooms  (PC and LDB) share one big bathroom with a big bathtub/shower combo.

DS-2SB = "Des Souris" two signle beds

This bedroom (DS) has it's own smaller bathroom with a standing, enclosed shower.

All bathrooms are across the hallway from the bedrooms.

1st Floor rooms (open link for floor plan) -

this is the floor where we cook dinner, play foosball and pingpong and watch the fog roll in and out of the valley.

LPC-3SB/Crib = "Les Petis Cochons" 3 single beds and a crib, our "family" bedroom

This bedroom (LPC) has a smaller bathroom with a standing, enclosed shower.

L-DB = "Limousin" a double bed

This bedroom (L) has a big bathroom with a bathtub/shower combo.

All bathrooms are across the hallway from the bedrooms.​

What’s Included in the per person price:
• 7 nights accommodations at the “Barn”
• Daily French style breakfast
• Evening Apéro hour with drinks and snacks
• Dinner each night prepared with Chef Gilles
• Informal cooking classes - you chose the level of involvement
• Visits to local farmers markets
• Local walking tours from the barn
• Tours of the region with historical info

What’s NOT Included in the per person price:
• Your air fare to and from France
• Your ground transportation, tolls and gasoline
• Lunches - since we will be “sightseeing” during the day, lunches will be “on-your-own.” You are invited to join us as we try new restaurants and revisit our old favorites.
• Entrance fees into sightseeing exhibits etc.
• Sodas, hard alcohol, snack foods (except apéro snacks) and toiletries
• Spending money 

What else do you need to know?

Air flights, car rentals and currency

​We fly into Toulose airport and pick-up our rental car there too

We almost ALWAYS stay one night in Toulouse at Le Courtyard by Marriott

We bring Euros with us, either cash or in a debit card (cash passport) as well as change for tolls

Please let me know if you have any other questions ~ I am happy to share information and contacts!

Note from Tina dated 04.17.17:

I have been asked about an itinerary for where and when we will be traveling in France.  Gilles and I prefer to share a more organic way of traveling, having an idea of the highlights we want to share with you but being flexible as to when we go where.  This is not to say we are getting up at 10am and following the breeze but that a dialogue will happen each evening as we share a drink and plan the following day.  If a trip takes longer than an hour to get there we will plan an earlier breakfast and departure time.  We believe that travel should be relaxing, like a long walk on the beach or a hike in the woods, one step leading to another discovery where we can spend an hour or two in the beauty of what we see!

That said there are a few "rules" of traveling in France that we observe and will stick to.  Lunch is NOT an all day offering in France, it is a window of opportunity (from 11:00 until 1:00pm) that once closed is gone until the next day or until dinner....  What this means is that we feed you a light breakfast at home, drive to our agreed upon destination, find a place to share lunch with our group (or you can wander off on your own), reserve a table and time and then sight see until lunch time.  This is a part of the French experience and should not be rushed but savored, unfolding as it will at the hands of the chef and their staff.  After an amazing lunch (which can last 1 to 2 hours) we toddle off for more sight seeing until you all throw your hands up in the air demanding to be taken home for a swim, a game of ping pong with Gilles, or even a nap!

The day's in France are long and full - I expect you to crawl into bed at the end of each day tired but elated with full tummies and even fuller minds.  I expect you to curse me as I wake you all up to the smell of coffee and me laughing while I make myself a cuppa, just as my teenager does each morning.... This is my job and I LOVE it.

I hope to see you in France this June ~ Tina

Take the time and fill out the booking form (click here) as well as the Terms and Conditions (click here) and reserve your space.  As always call/text/e-mail me with questions concerns and even rants (if you must!). 

My cell number is 775.450.3716 my email is atzbistro@gmail.com.  Talking while I am working at Z Bistro is not a good idea as I am distracted (more than usual) so get a hold of me and we can meet for a cuppa..... T


This is the yearYOU come too, I know it! For those of you "on the fence" visit France Today's articles on "Dordogne Travels: The Lure of Périgord" or come to our information gatherings to be scheduled in early 2017.... either way start buying Euros as they are priced right!

​Thanks to Lauren Aparicio for taking the amazing pictures below: