​​​​Z  Bistro


Consumer Advisory Notice:

Consuming raw, rare, or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

Desserts $ 8.50 each

Peach panna cotta (gf)

topped with white peached and toasted almonds 

Isle Flotante (gf)

served on creme anglaise and topped with raspberry sauce and toasted almonds

Poached pear (gf)

on crème anglaise 

Pantry Items

​Calabrian chilis (gf)  $6

To-Go Order Process:

1. Decide on your choices based on the current menu

2. Call/Text/Email your order and a pick-up time (give me an hour window please)

3. Let me know if you will be paying in advance with a credit card or with cash when you pick-up

4. If you pay by credit card please provide the following info:

   * credit card number

   * expiration date

   * security code

   * billing zip code

   * do you want to leave a donation to Food for Thought?

   * do you want to leave a gratuity?

   * I will call/text/email you back with confirmation

The phone number for calls & texts is


and our mail is atzbistro@gmail.com

Please remember to wear your mask when picking up your To-Go order. No mask? Please wait in your car and I will bring the order to you.

Thank you.

​​Lunch and Dinner Menu

for Friday 9/17

and Saturday 9/18


Baked potato soup (gf)  $ 8.50
with sharp cheddar, peppered bacon, scallions

House pâte $ 9.50

 (gf*) (fft selection)

served with crostini and pickles

Salade saison (gf)    $ 10.00
escarole, radicchio, mission figs, mixed grapes, roquefort, concord grape vinaigrette

Moules either way (gf)  $ 14.50

   mariniere – mussels steamed in white wine with garlic and fresh herbs  

   poulette – mussels steamed in white wine with bacon and leeks

House salad (gf)   $ 10.00
mixed baby lettuces, apple, gruyere cheese, shallot-mustard vinaigrette

Frites (gf) $ 8.50
with house-made aioli
Ultimate frites (gf)   $ 9.50

with aioli, balsamic drizzle and sriracha 
Our authentic french fries (frites) are cooked in peanut oilEntrèes  


Croque monsieur    $ 13.50
artisan ham and bechamel sandwich served with frites or a small house salad

Z burger (gf*)  $ 14.50
served on a brioche bun with caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, aioli, and lettuce
with frites or a small house salad (gluten-free is wrapped in lettuce)

Swordfish “du midi”  $ 26.00

(gf) (fft selection)
grilled with speck prosciutto & balsamic butter, served with lemon risotto & olive relish

Katsu   $ 23.00
crispy pork loin steak with warm sushi rice and Japanese slaw

Brisket “aux oignons” (gf)  $ 25.00
slow-roasted brisket in onion & red wine jus w/carrots & pea, gratin dauphinoise

Parpadelle   $ 24.00
spicy chicken bolognese, lemon ricotta, garlicky bread crumbs


(in limited quantities)

Moussaka (gf)    $ 20.00
layers of eggplant, lamb ragu, and
bechamel ready to take home and bake

(gf) item is gluten-free

(gf*) item can be gluten-free with substitutions
(fft selection)

When you order this selection z bistro will donate to Food for Thought, which helps feed chronically hungry children in Carson City.



House Ice-Tea $2.75

A refreshing combination of Lemon Lift and Raspberry Royal

(caffeinated, unsweetened)

Can of Soda $1.75
Diet Coke, Coke, or Sprite

Perrier (glass bottles)

Small  $3.25

Large $5.50

Apero $8.50
Kir Royal ~

sparkling wine and cassis

Kir ~
dry white wine and cassis

Kir Rouge ~
dry red wine and cassis

White Wine :

Chateau De Montfort, Vouvray Demi Sec 

$ 12 glass / $ 44 bottle

Pale green-gold with aromas of apple, hints of minerality, and intense fruit

Haute Couture, Rose Sparkling Wine

$ 10 split

Citrus, strawberry, grenadine, and red fruit in a lovely dry bubbly

Mouton Cadet, Bordeau Blanc,  2017
$ 13  glass  /  $ 48  bottle
Dry and crisp with citrus fruit, gooseberries, and minerals

Cave de Ribeauvillé Crémant D’Alsace, Brut Sparkling Wine
$ 45  bottle
Crisp and elegant with persistent bubbles, aromas of citrus with a dry finish


Red Wine :
Delas Saint-Esprit, Cotes du Rhone, 2018 
$ 12  glass  /  $ 44  bottle
Blackberry, plum, cherry, raspberry, slight pepper finish (too easy to drink!)

Barton & Gustier, Saint Emillion,  2019     
$ 13  glass  /  $ 48  bottle
Elegant black and red fruit, silky tannins, and a lovely finish​​

Beer $3.00 per bottle:

Guinness (oh, so creamy goodness in a bottle or a can!)

Radeberger Pilsner (rich malt, earth, light carbonation)

Non-Alcoholic beer

 by the bottle, selection varies

Traquair Jacobite Ale $7.00 per 

16-ounce bottle:
oak, coriander, caramel, malt, and orange

Cidré $16.00 per bottle (750ml):

Le Brun, Brut Cidré de Bretagne (Organic)
Off-dry, rich, crisp, slightly funky, slightly sweet, slightly bitter finish, and oh so refreshing (and gluten-free)