​​​​Z  Bistro

"Rules  of  Engagement"  - easing part 1


Arrive at Z Bistro at the agreed-upon pick-up time; Wearing your mask, come on in and pick up your order it will be waiting at the bar. Not wearing a mask, I will bring your order to you.

If someone else is picking up their order, please stay outside until all is clear. Once clear, and wearing your mask, come and get your order - say "hey" and then be on your merry way.

These precautions are to ensure everyone's safety.

Thanks for understanding, and remember to provide feedback on what you need/want from Z Bistro for the following week.

Even though our dining room is closed we promise to do our best to provide a taste of

Z Bistro To-Go.

We will be accepting advance orders for PICK-UP

on Friday's 


Saturday's from 

Noon until 6:30 pm.

How to place your order:

1. Call 775.885.2828 - or

2. Text 775.885.2828 - or

3. Email atzbistro@gmail.com

What you need to have ready:

1. Your order from the 

<<<<<<<<<< current menu.

2. An estimated pick-up time (we need a 10-minute window)

3. Your credit card number, expiration date, security code, and zip code.

4. A text/phone number in case there are any issues.

5. Do you want to add a donation to your order?

6. Do you want to leave a gratuity?

7. You WILL get confirmation from me of the order - if you do NOT hear from me something has gone awry. It may take a few hours for me to respond but if this happens TEXT my personal phone 


(Please use this phone number as a last resort.)

That should be all the info!

​Thanks ~ Tina


Curbside To-Go …

Roasted cauliflower soup (gf) $ 8.50

with smoked sea salt 

Frites (gf)  $ 8.50

served with house-made aioli 
Our authentic french fries (frites)

are cooked in peanut oil

Summer chopped salad (gf) $ 10.00
watermelon, avocado, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, little gem lettuce,
and a duo of house-made

Italian and ranch dressings

House salad (gf) $ 10.00

mixed baby lettuce, chopped apple, gruyere cheese, and mustard-shallot dressing

Puffed pastry tart $ 11.50

with ratatouille and goat cheese 
(sorry Vicki this one has eggplant!)
Lunch special  (gf) $ 14.00 (fft)
(served all day)
ginger brown rice bowl with crispy

pork belly and prawn skewers
brushed with teriyaki glaze, served

with edamame and sunomono

Z burger $ 14.50
on a brioche bun with aioli, grilled onions

and cheddar served with frites

Coq au vin (gf) $ 23.00
chicken leg and thigh stewed in red wine

with pearl onions, mushrooms,
and bacon with Yukon gold mashed potatoes
Grilled ribeye steak (gf) $ 25.00
finished with green peppercorn and cognac

sauce served with gratin dauphinoise

topped with gruyere cheese

Dessert (gf) $ 8.50
Iles flotante

on crème anglaise with caramel sauce

and toasted almonds


(we make it and you bake it at home)
Moussaka (gf)  $ 21.00
layers of feta cheese bechamel, lamb ragu,

and grilled eggplant

Z-Pantry Items
House dressing

(shallot and mustard)

8-ounces for $ 6.00


(Moroccan spicy tomato & hot pepper)

condiment 8-ounce for $ 8.00


(garlic mayonnaise)

8-ounces for $ 5.00

Calabrian peppers in oil

8-ounces for $ 4.00 

Donations of $ 5.00 or more
will go to Food for Thought as they

continue to feed the children in our

community whose families are struggling​​


House Made Ice Tea $2.50

Lemon Lift and Raspberry Royal Black Tea

Can of Soda $1.75

Diet Coke, Coke, or Sprite

Apero $8.50
Kir Royal ~

sparkling wine and cassis

- or -

Sparkling Violet ~

sparkling wine and violet liquor

White Wine $20 per bottle:
Butter Chardonnay, CA 2017 

Mouton Cadet, Bordeaux Blanc, France
Guenoc Pinot Grigio, CA 2018

Red Wine $30 per bottle:

Kermit Lynch, Côtes du Rhône, France 
Barton and Gustier, Saint Emillion, France

Beer $4.00 per bottle:

Innis and Gunn ~ Original, Rum, or Irish

(Ask for details about which we have on hand)