​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Z Bistro

Dinner menu for

 Wednesday 11/14 thru Saturday 11/17, 2018

​Reservations are always appreciated (775) 885.2828

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Z Bistro will be closed Thanksgiving week November 18-24


House pâte served with cornichon and crostinis (gf*)   $ 7.50
Poached asparagus, yogurt green goddess dressing, and micro greens (gf)   $ 9.00
Salade lyonaise (gf) (fft selection)   $ 11.00
radicchio, baby kale, bacon, fried egg, and pomme paille
Baby lettuce salad (gf)   $ 10.00
apple, comté cheese, shallot-mustard vinaigrette
Crispy brussels sprouts (gf*)   $ 10.50
chinese black bean sauce, honey, and cantonese sausage
Pissadiere   $ 11.00
puffed pastry tart w/caramelized onions, kalamata olives,

anchovies, and guyere cheese
Vietnamese (flank steak) carpaccio (gf)   $ 12.50
rare & thinly sliced, citrus vinaigrette, spicy peanuts,

thai basil, fried pickled ginger
Mussels two ways (gf)    $ 13.50
mariniere (shallots & herbs) - or -  bretonne (cider, crème fraiche, apple)

​Frites (gf)   $ 8.50

served with house made aioli

Ultimate Frites (gf)  $ 9.50

served with balsamic drizzle, sriracha sauce, and house made aioli

Our authentic french fries (frites) are cooked in peanut oil.


Socca proveçal (vegan chickpea pancake) (gf)    $ 17.00
topped w/winter ratatouille, arugula, and romesco sauce
Poulet aux prunneaux (gf)   $ 24.00
whole chicken leg & thigh, braised in port crème fraiche sauce, w/mushroom,
bacon and prunes, served over yukon gold mashed potatoes
Lasagna (fft selection)    $ 21.00
layers of brisket bolognese, béchamel, fresh mozzarella, and basil sauce 

Lamb curry (gf)    $ 23.00
leg of lamb in indian spices, w/baby potatoes, yams, carrots, and fried cherry tomatoes with turmeric-ginger basmati rice, and raisin chutney
Grilled sicilian swordfish (gf*)    $ 25.00
w/herbs & chilis, sicilian olive oil w/capers, olives, & anchovies,

served w/arugula and couscous w/lemon confit

Call 775.885.2828 for the nightly VEGAN and Dessert specials.

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(gf) is gluten free        (gf*) is gluten free with substitutions

(FFT) is our donation to Food for Thought when you order this item. Food for Thought serves chronically hungry children in Carson City. Their mission is to send children home from school on Fridays with healthy food for the weekend, so they start school Monday nourished and ready to learn​. Please help as you can by visiting their website here; thank you for your consideration.