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Dinner menu for

 Wednesday 12/05 thru Saturday 12/08, 2018

​Reservations are always appreciated (775) 885.2828

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Z Bistro will be serving NYE Dinner on Monday 12.31.18, let's turn the page from 2018 to 2019 with great food and company!


Roasted beets with gribiche dressing, micro greens and sprouts (gf)   $ 8.50
Arugula salad (gf) (fft selection)    $ 10.00
roquefort, pomegranate seeds, candied walnuts, basil vinaigrette
Baby lettuce salad (gf)       $ 10.00
apple, comté cheese, shallot-mustard vinaigrette
Brussels sprouts (gf)       $ 11.00
pork belly, scallions, and balsamic glaze
Puffed pastry tart w/braised fennel and chêvre du poitou cheese     $ 11.50
Mussels either way (gf)      $ 13.50
         Mariniere of shallots and fresh herbs  

- OR -
         Chinoise of ginger broth, black bean sauce, cantonese sausage

Traditional onion soup     $ 13.00
beef broth and caramelized onion soup, topped with crostini,

and gruyere cheese then baked

Frites served with house made aioli (gf)    $ 8.50
Ultimate frites with aioli, balsamic drizzle and sriracha sauce (gf)   $ 9.50
Our authentic french fries (frites) are cooked in peanut oil.


Vegan quesadilla (gf)    $ 16.00
curry sweet potato purée, pickled artichoke hearts, and roasted beets in a
brown rice tortilla finished with herb drizzle, served with a small salad
Chicken confit (gf)    $ 24.00
whole leg & thigh, haricots vert w/caramelized onions, aligôt potatoes, sauce verte
Brisket aux champignons (gf) (fft selection)    $ 23.00
long roasted brisket with mixed mushrooms, pearl onions, port-mushroom jus,
and horseradish crême, and potato croquette

Prawns barigoule (gf)   $ 26.00
tiger prawns sautéed with artichoke hearts, fennel, and cauliflower, served with
parmesan polenta, and tangy riesling-pastis sauce

Call 775.885.2828 for the nightly specials.

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(gf) is gluten free        (gf*) is gluten free with substitutions

(FFT) is our donation to Food for Thought when you order this item. Food for Thought serves chronically hungry children in Carson City. Their mission is to send children home from school on Fridays with healthy food for the weekend, so they start school Monday nourished and ready to learn​. Please help as you can by visiting their website here; thank you for your consideration.