Z Bistro

Dinner menu for

Wednesday 08/23 through Saturday 08/26, 2017

​Reservations are appreciated (775) 885.2828

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House potato chips (gf)     $ 4.50

with lime & chili salt and ginger bbq sauce for dipping 

Melon and cucumber salad with minted yogurt and pistachios (gf)     $ 7.50

Whole artichoke with parsley vinaigrette (gf) (fft selection)   $ 8.50

Salade grecque (gf)    $ 10.00
romaine, watermelon, mixed olives, sheep feta, and lemon-oregano vinaigrette

Brussels sprout caesar salad (gf*)   $ 10.00
with traditional caesar dressing, and brioche croutons

Puffed pastry tart w/mushrooms, roasted garlic cream and herb purée    $ 11.00

Fresh figs (gf)    $ 12.00
stuffed w/goat cheese, wrapped in prosciutto & fried, drizzled w/port-balsamic reduction

Frites served with house made aioli (gf)    $ 8.50
Ultimate frites with aioli, balsamic drizzle and sriracha sauce (gf)    $ 9.50
Our authentic french fries (frites) are cooked in peanut oil.


Grilled vegan burger (gf*)   $ 14.00
served on ciabatta bun w/avocado, spicy vegan mayo, pickled red onion & frites

Andouille sausage (fft selection)    $ 18.00
wrapped in puffed pastry then roasted, served with creole remoulade sauce, late summer beans sautéed with tomatoes, and white cheddar grits

Pork tenderloin medallions (gf)    $ 20.00

brined then grilled, finished with peach-port jus, served with roasted peaches and

wild rice-apple croquettes

Brisket à la belge (gf)   $ 23.00
slow roasted angus brisket finished with belgium ales and served with cauliflower,
carrots, and pearl onions and a small bowl of frites

Cotriade aka Brittany’s fisherman stew (gf)    $ 26.00
cod, halibut, prawns, scallops, leeks, mushrooms, baby potatoes and peas in a
seafood broth finished with crème fraiche​

Call for tonight’s specials and desserts.

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Please advise your server of any food restrictions or allergies prior to ordering.
Advisory: Consuming raw or undercooked meats may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

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(gf) item is gluten free     (gf*) item can be gluten free with substitutions

(fft selection) when you order this selection Z Bistro will make a donation to Food for Thought which helps feed chronically hungry children in Carson City.

Find out more about Food for Thought by clicking here.

We are proposing a "to-go" crêpe lunch on Friday, September 29th from 11am until 1pm.  If you would support this please send an email to atzbistro@gmail.com with "YES" in the subject line. If enough support is received we will let you know!
Thanks in advance for your participation.
~ Tina

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