​​​​​​​​​​​Z Bistro

Dinner SUMMARY for (full menu listed on our dinner page here)

Wednesday 4/26 through Saturday 4/29 (Arbor Day!)



House pate (gf*)

Roasted beets salad (gf)

Brussels sprouts caesar (gf*)

Whole artichoke (gf) (fft selection)

Grilled baby romaine salad (gf)

Butter lettuce salad (gf)

Steak tartare (gf*)

Mussels marinier (gf)

Frites (gf)

Ultimate frites (gf)


Vegan bowl (gf)

Greek style slow roasted lamb (gf)

Pork milanese (gf)

Cioppino (gf)

Grilled ribeye (gf)

Call for nightly specials and desserts (775) 885.2828


(gf) indicates an item is gluten free

(gf*) indicates an intem can be gluten free with substitutions

​(fft selection) Z Bistro will donate .50 cents per appetizer and $1 per entree to Food for Thought


Travel to France with Z Bistro in June 2017.  Details are on our FRANCE June 2017 Page.