We are proposing a "to-go" crêpe lunch on Friday, September 29th from 11am until 1pm.  If you would support this please send an email to atzbistro@gmail.com with "YES" in the subject line. If enough support is received we will let you know!

Thanks in advance for your participation.

~ Tina

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Z Bistro

Dinner SUMMARY for (full menu listed on our dinner page here)

Wednesday 08/23 through Saturday 08/26, 2017



House potato chips (gf)

Melon and cucumber salad (gf*)

Whole artichoke (gf) (fft selection)

Salade grecque (gf)

Brussels sprout caesar salad (gf)

Puffed pastry tart

Fresh figs (gf)

Frites/Ultimate frites (gf)


Grilled vegan burger (gf*)

Andouille sausage wrapped in puffed pastry (fft selection)

​Pork tenderloin medallions (gf)

Brisket à la Belge (gf)

Cotriade (aka Brittany's fisherman stew) (gf)

​Call for the nightly specials and desserts

(775) 885.2828


An ongoing joke between the Galhaut Family and friends of Z Bistro...